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"Girls don’t have a problem with giving their best friends kisses and hugs and holding their hands and getting into bed together. Why don’t guys get that? Think about it. What could be better than hugging or kissing your best friend?

I really think that Frankie and Zachary have this final two alliance, but they each have their own separate game. They both also know this is being aired in front of millions of people. Frankie is well aware that he is gonna get more airtime the more outrageous he is and my kid knows that too. And that’s what he’s going for and you know what? More power to them. If that’s what it takes for anybody to bring down stupid barriers about things like this, let my kid be in the forefront, on a national program and do it. As a straight guy who loves his best friend like a boyfriend.”

- Mama Rance (Zach’s Mom)


when ur tryin to tell a story but people talk over you


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Had to be done.

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I’m a doctor, and if I say I’m not too high to be on this ship it’s beacuse I’m not!

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James Brown on the T.A.M.I. Show, 1964

One of my favorite all-time performances. Glad to see it being passed around so much lately, thanks to David Remnick’s appreciation in the New Yorker.

One thing I didn’t know:

This was the first time that Brown, while singing “Please, Please, Please,” pulled out his “cape act,” in which, in the midst of his own self-induced hysteria, his fit of longing and desire, he drops to his knees, seemingly unable to go on any longer, at the point of collapse, or worse. His backup singers, the Flames, move near, tenderly, as if to revive him, and an offstage aide, Danny Ray, comes on, draping a cape over the great man’s shoulders. Over and over again, Brown recovers, throws off the cape, defies his near-death collapse, goes back into the song, back into the dance, this absolute abandonment to passion.

Of course, James Brown, like so many soul acts, stole straight from the church:

That falling-to-the-knees-overcome-with-emotion dramaturgy is straight out of the Holiness Church, out of a belief system holding, in the charnel heat of the moment, that a person could be overpowered by a sudden tap from the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost jumpers were what they called those filled with the spirit in the earliest days of Pentecostalism. It was a form of possession, of yielding with glory to a higher force. Many figures in the black Pentecostal tradition wore the cape.

There’s so many things I love about this performance — be sure to note towards the end how you can see the dust from the stage on James’ knees from falling down so much. Incredible.

You can get the full T.A.M.I show on DVD here.

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